Durango Limited Beta apk V1.0 Upgrade version

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Durango Limited Beta is the game in which players control one of the survivors of a strange incident that has carried lots of normal people to an unknown world full of dinosaurs. In this primitive world, players will have to build tools, hunt dinosaurs, gather herbs, cooking, etc.The first thing that catches the attention of Durango Limited Beta apk V1.0 is it's awesome. After all, this is a video game that is huge, in which we will explore scenarios colossal full of details are available.

Durango Limited Beta apk V1.0 Upgrade version 2017

Durango Limited beta apk v10 upgrade version

Similarly, Durango Limited Beta apk V1.0 Upgrade version the combat system in Durango has two modes. On the other hand, you can activate the automatic mode, in which our character will attack whenever you can and on the other we can fight in manual mode, taking care personally of the maneuvers of attack and dodge. To be able to have a chance in a fight, yes, we will need weapons. Furthermore, at any time we can collect the fruits of the soil, cut down the trees, interact with other characters, build a shelter, or of course combat against an enemy and save the life and stay more in the game.

Features: Durango Limited V1.0

  • Beautiful Open world 2.5D Graphics
  • Top Notch Survival Gameplay
  • Catch and Tame wild dinosaurs
  • Take your friends dinosaurs on hunting and collecting material
  • Unique crafting system
  • Relatively Uncommon genre for Mobile phones
  • Build your community and share everything
  • Go on hunting dinosaurs and collect foods

Additional Information: Durango Limited Beta apk 2017

  • Name Durango Limited Beta
  • Current Version 1.0.0+1612140048
  • Release Date December 13, 2016
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 And Up
  • Genre Role Playing Game, Adventure
  • Multiplayer, Online Game
  • Size APK 94 MB
  • Status FREE Game
  • Offered By Nexon Company

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