Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod Android Update Version

The Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 Latest Game Counter Strike or often called CSPB is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game that is very popular first. As the time and technology increasingly sophisticated and make game developers also more creative. In presenting other games, Counter Strike began to be forgotten but do not first underestimate this one game because in fact still in demand many people, especially now has been present Counter Strike 1.6 that makes can play Counter Strike on Android.

Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod Android Update Version 2017

Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod Android

The main advantages of Game Counter Strike can be played online or offline with some other users who are members of the Police or Terrorists. Game This shooting strategy is very exciting to let alone played in multiplayer with friends, it takes skill and concentration in order to kill the opponent in counter strike game. All of that is certainly supported by some adequate weaponry, it could be using Hand Grenade, Smoke, Flash as a support tool to more quickly kill the enemy. Game Counter Strike Mod Point Black The latest CSPB Apk 1.6 delivers a complete shooter game including folder, item and weapon points, still presenting the way Point Blank might be more familiar with similar games.

New feature in Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6.

  • Version 1.1 Fix Update
  • Character menu with pictures
  • Menu Buy Weapon guns With Images
  • Character CS And PointBlank (Women)
  • Weapons Pointblank Include
  • Map PB Include
  • Fix W_weapon
  • New Menu Background
  • Add music in menu
  • New radar
  • And other

Game Information:Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod.

  • Name: Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod
  • Category: Action, Shooter
  • Size: 251 MB
  • Version: 1.6
  • Dev: Counter Strike
  • Android: 3.0+
How to Install Point Blank Strike Counter V1.6 mod Android High Compress Work 100%
  • Download Apk + Modpack file or use the second link of existing Apk + Modpack inside (Rar)
  • Extract the Modpack file using Rar Android
  • Install his CSPB Apk game and Xash3D.Apk
  • Do not move the data folder directly, open Zash3D and search the data (do not forget to delete everything in Patch to Game Resources field)
  • Search for Xash data, click, select Select
  • After that, there appears storage in Patch to Game Resources
  • If it's Move or Copy the Xash Folder file to Internal Memory
  • Open the game and play well

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you guys a lot for the great reviews, and please let us know if you would like us to introduce any changes to the application, or you have an idea that you would like us to implement in it.

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